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Root canals have a terrible reputation, but at Columbus Park Dental, we like to focus on all the good they do. The root canal’s place in dentistry’s Hall of Horrors is undeserved. This quick, straightforward procedure stops decay in its tracks, puts an end to any tooth pain you may be suffering, and saves the tooth in question. Root canals prevent tooth loss, more pain, further infection, plus the inevitable bone loss or implant that follows tooth loss or extraction. Root canals are the superheroes of dentistry, to the rescue. And Dr. Singh is a seasoned pro–she performs emergency root canals in NYC every week.

Columbus Park Dental Endontics

When a Root Canal is Needed

A root canal treatment is indicated most often when a tooth has decay that reaches the inner part of the tooth. That is to say the decay has penetrated both the tooth’s enamel and dentin layers to affect the pulp. 

Some patients’ first indication of trouble is when they feel the pain associated with that decay reaching the sensitive nerves contained within the tooth’s pulp. Others never experience any pain at all. Rather, they visit their dentist, who observes that a tooth’s decay has gone beyond what a simple filling can fix and recommends a root canal.

Less often, a patient may need a root canal if they’ve experienced a trauma that cracked or broke the tooth, exposing the pulp.  

What is a Root Canal?

You can think of a root canal as a step beyond getting a filling. It’s called root canal therapy, or a root canal treatment, because the dentist accesses the tooth’s root canal to remove infected tissue. They fill the tooth, place a restoration, and in 95% of cases, the tooth is saved!

How a Root Canal is Done

Root canal treatments and the time they take can vary depending upon the condition of the tooth and surrounding tissue. The procedure, however, is straightforward. Here is a step-by-step accounting of how a root canal is performed:

  • After you’ve discussed treatment options with the dentist and agreed on a root canal, we’ll apply a topical numbing gel to your gum tissue near the tooth.
  • Once the gums are desensitized with the topical anesthesia, we’ll inject plenty of local anesthesia to numb the entire area of the tooth and surrounds.
  • We will wait a few minutes for the local anesthesia to begin working and won’t start any treatment until it does. If you do feel anything when we begin, let us know–we’re happy to apply as much anesthesia as you require!
  • Now we’ll place a barrier to keep the tooth isolated and dry while we work.
  • Dr. Singh uses a small dental drill to access the inside of the tooth.
  • She will remove the tissue from the inside of the canal.
  • Now, Dr. Singh will fill the tooth with a special plant-based dental filler and place a temporary seal on it. The final stage of a root canal, restoration, is typically performed at a second appointment, so the temporary seal protects the filling until then.
  • In most cases, we replace the top of the tooth with a dental crown, which will be custom-made for you. Once the crown is ready, you’ll come back for us to remove the temporary seal and place the crown. This crown looks and acts just like your natural tooth. 

Are Root Canals Painful?

Not really! The procedure itself doesn’t hurt, thanks to the miracle of local anesthesia. Once we’re finished and the anesthesia wears off…well, we have just taken all of the nerve tissue out of your tooth. So, there’s nothing to hurt. Some patients report a little sensitivity for a few days after a root canal, but certainly nothing approaching the toothache many experience before the procedure. That’s right, if anything, your root canal should mark the end of your pain!

Where to Get a Root Canal in NYC

Come to Columbus Park Dental if you need a root canal in NYC! Dr. Singh is experienced and can even handle emergency root canals same- or next-day. We’ll make you feel safe and comfortable, and we’ll get you fixed up quickly. 

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